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A Thanks To Our Designers

We would like to thank two University of Hawaii at Manoa alum for their helping hands in creating the designs behind the Aloha Awards. 


The Aloha Awards logo was designed by Warren Daubert, the current creative director of Hawaii Business and Hawaii Home Magazines and a Honolulu based freelance graphic designer. Warren has been an instrumental part of Oahu's artist community for years, offering his creative services to a wide array of local publications and businesses. You can learn more about Warren here.

Alec Fuller

The Aloha Awards webpage was designed by Alec Fuller, a New York based freelance graphic designer. Before recently relocating to New York, Alec hosted exhibitions of his art in Chinatown and offered freelance graphic design services and photography to many local businesses. You can learn more about Alec here

Between these two designers, the Aloha Awards is able to exude the level of excellence that its honorees have shown in their community. The combination of the sleekness and modernity of the designs and choice in color gives off the feeling of a natural, earthly prestige - one that these community leaders rightfully deserve.


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